Sunday, February 13, 2011

My op-shoppy finds this week...

I got some cute treasures this week.
And I just want to answer Charise's question....
A piece of china or glassware (or two) is broken
in our house. I exaggerate not.
Plus we do constantly giveaway things
we have finished with or used their purpose!!
So no, our house is not overrun with treasures!
Plus there's aways room for a cute egg cup
like this one for Miss Animal-Lover!

And I can never get enough little dishes,
honestly the breakage rate on these is criminal
but I still use them because I think
life is too short not to use your pretty things!

Are these particularly lovely?

This is a little tin and I buy any small tins I find
as I am constantly giving them away.
If I find any girl (or boy) interested in sewing
I start them on a project and give it to them in the tin with the
necessary tools (needles/thread/scissors)
and I pray that they keep up their new skill.
I would have loved someone to help me when I was a child
and so I pass it on whenever I can.

The fabric background is destined to become a skirt for me!
yay :)
More Flea Market finds here.


  1. yeah for flea market finds!!! i love the tin sewing kit idea

  2. Great idea re: the tins - and very cute egg-cup, I like that there's built in room for soldiers!

  3. LOVE the little bowls, they are just beautiful and the fabic looks fab too - you find the most amazing treasures Deb :)

  4. awesome finds - you have the gift!!

  5. so pretty!!! thought they looked 'new' :-) xoxox

  6. I came across your blog from 'Your Library Adventures'. I just wanted to say how lovely I think it is that you help encourage others in their creative pursuits. I often wish I had someone that could help me with different crafts, gardening advice and cooking/preserving advice. It seems that things that used to be commonplace years ago, are now becoming harder to learn about.

  7. Found you from the blog of 'Your Library Adventures.' I go thirting EVERY Tuesday, I love finding "have to have that" stuff. I'm your newest follower.Come on by and visit me too.

  8. OMG I just saw where you are from! I pray you and your family are ok. I lived through the 7.2 earthquake in California. I don't remember seeing such devasation. Hope all that pretty stuff survived too. Your in my prayers.


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