Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Remaking an old favourite...

This quilt was one of the early ones I made and it's been well loved. In those days I didn't use batting, I used whatever I had. This one had two layers of sweatshirting and the cheapest cotton printed backing. The children have loved it though, mainly because I bound it with the minky fabric that I used with the other prints.

 The sweatshirting had moved because I hadn't quilted it properly, and it was beginning to twist the fabric. The children really didn't want me to alter it, but it was going to get wrecked. So I carefully unpicked the binding and all the quilting and gave it to Shenleigh to quilt.
 The light pink squares and rectangles are minky fabric interspersed with the other colour fabrics. I think they are Heather Bailey? It was hard to choose binding because the orginal fabrics had faded so much, but now it's done it has a new lease on life.
This quilt has been washed and washed many times, and will be in the future till it's older and more faded. Isn't that what we wish for, for all our quilts... that they may get worn and loved!


  1. Wow great work at saving that one! It is very beautiful and I am sure it will be loved for years to come!

    Does look like Heather Bailey fabric on there.

  2. It really iss lovely hope they dont fight over it as a heirloom one day lol

  3. What a good idea to keep a loved quilt goig for many years to come!

  4. I love the colors in this quilt and it is great that you were able to renew its life! I think it is great that you used whatever you had at the time.

  5. this is so great that they all have loved on it that much that it needed the renewed life.


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