Monday, February 14, 2011

Traditions in our house: Valentines Day!

We always have a special dinner on Valentine's Day
this year I made some paper heart garlands
(which I love)

We always have the same menu.
Red heart iceblocks in lemonade...

Tomato soup and heart shaped scones.
This year James made raspberry and chocolate cheesecake.

It's so easy and yet so much fun.
I know there's a lot of chat about how 'commerical' it is,
but don't you think any day you get to
the folks that you love


  1. Oh that's just what I think! Just because it's commercialised, doesn't mean you can't make it special or that you shouldn't take every opportunity to celebrate love!

    PS snap on the heart garlands!

  2. It is only commercialized if you make it that way!!!

  3. Love the iceblocks and the whole idea of taking a little time to celebrate love - thats not commercialised, thats awesome.

    Really nice to see you at Stitch today. I love your concrete block quilt in an earlier post.

  4. So cool! I love that you have a family tradition for Valentines day - you guys are awesome!

  5. Very cute, such thought, love and pleasure

  6. we are slowly making traditions for valentines day in our little guys and i made heart garlands...i love yours...would love for you to pop on by and check out mine...
    i used old scrap papers, and some old red paper that was wrapped arounf a bunch of flowers my husband gave me a few months ago...knew i was keeping it for a reason...
    love that you went all out with the food...that will be my next years goal!!!xxx

  7. I don't like tomato soup, but I love the rest of your meal! And I wrote a similar post, about how I believe in embracing Valentine's Day as an extra chance to celebrate your loved ones however you deem appropriate. I've been tired of all the complaining about it being too commercial.

  8. what a great way to celebrate....


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