Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend makings...

I finally got out a pile of favourite fabrics
and cut out the strips necessary for the Floral Frocks quilt

from my all-time favourite quilting book,
The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking.

A bath of chocolate chips cookies for school lunches...

Always yummy :)

Rhubarb Crumble.

Tidiness and Organisation.
Do love seeing a row of empty baskets
at the back door.

Makes me smile.
Doesn't take much really.


  1. So happy to see a blog from you today. Needed it.

  2. a 'bath' of chocolate chippies - sounds quite fun!

  3. I made a batch of choccy chip cookies for the lunchboxes over the weekend as well. I freeze them in 'twos' and just grab a 'two' in the morning for each lunchbox. I do the same with 'Oaty slice' and I just alternate 2 x a week. The rest of the week there is no treat, I'm afraid.

    Love an empty basket myself!! x

  4. Ohh that fabric is delish - look forward to seeing what comes of that! We've been rhubarb crumbling here too. Nice.

  5. Love the fabric choices. Chocolate chip cookies -- yum! And any kinda crumble is always good in my book. Happy day to you and best wishes, Tammy

  6. mmm that was a very yummy post indeed.
    the quilt fabric look lovely!

  7. those cookies look heavenly and what a nice tidy hall. i love the baskets for organizing


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