Saturday, March 26, 2011

In which Miss Annie-Rose learns to pose!

I guess it had to happen
after all she has had the camera in her face
nearly every day of her life!

But oh how cute is this??

My awesome knitting guru/friend Gabe
made this cutie pie top
and Annie scored it.

You know how I dropped my SLR camera?
and had to get it repaired and a new lens
(thanks Mr Insurance man)
Remember that?

Well two children in my house who remain unnamed
(but they are teenagers)
were being silly and accidentally
smashed said camera on the ground.
Back to square one.
(Mum if you are reading this
please don't tell dad)

And so until I get it mended again
(how embarrassing is that??)
I'm gonna be taking iphone photos again.
Honestly I could cry with frustration.
Thanks kids, I love you.
{clenches teeth}


  1. She's utterly gorgeous xxx I LOVE knitted clothes especially wee dresses

  2. ah she is such a cutie! so glad to see this beloved knit go to someone who will get some wear! thanks for your help yesterday too. xx

  3. Gorgeous. How sweet. Gotta love kids - I think that's part of why we have them to make us realise no we do not yet have the character we could have!!!

  4. what a gorgeous wee thing!

    grrrrrrrrr camera :(

  5. She is getting cuter every day.

  6. she is just the cutest thing ever

  7. Shes adorable, like one of those antique cloth lenci dolls.

    I'm with you on the broken camera, just need to go choose a new one.

    take care

  8. Ummm how much is it worth not to tell Dad??
    He is sitting right beside me! Tempted Deb!

  9. She wears it like a real model!!!! The colors are very nice for her too.


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