Monday, March 7, 2011

No school doesn't mean no lessons [or "let them eat cake"]

So of course there is no school,
but that doesn't mean there are no lessons.
Reuben has learnt to make a cake
following a recipe.
It's the three minute sponge from the Edmonds Cookbook.
My mum taught it to me first too.
Currently he's baking it daily.
There's always someone whose day will be brightened by cake.
He's also working on a "giant lego project"
for which he has commandered a disused desk!
We hope school will go back Thursday
although the State of Emergency
has been extended, so I'm not sure.


  1. The three minute sponge-cake was my fist ever recipe I baked as well! You'll have to teach him the three minute chocolate cake next!!

  2. Great idea Deb. Did you know that the NZ Lego building competition is starting soon? May be worth looking in to. xx

  3. I love to watch kids baking on their own. Enjoy having them at home. Hope everything works out over the coming weeks. x

  4. Love that little glimpse of the union jack/NZ flag bunting :-)

  5. i can imagine the smiles he is spreading when he shares his cakes!!! what a sweet guy! i love the picture of the two of them at the counter together.

  6. Wow - I fail at making a sponge. And your little man has pulled it off - might have to get my hands on this recipe.

  7. Awwww, I haven't seen any pics of AR for a while now...been an absent blogger! She looks sooooo big!

  8. Deb, your kids are very cute! Now I want some cake.


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