Monday, March 28, 2011

Please watch this, this is my city...


  1. Very moving, a testament to the people of Christchurch who will indeed rise again.

    Blessed be

  2. Such beautiful buildings...hard to imagine such destruction. But what a hopeful depiction of repairing your city.

  3. that was really moving and such a beautiful song.

  4. Very sad when something like this happens. We were living near San Francisco when the huge earthquake of 89 hit.

  5. Deb

    Thanks for posting this. What a haunting song to rekindle hope and pride in your beautiful city. I have tears in my eyes for you.

  6. I've walked those streets, yet still could not imagine the destruction.

    I do hope they are thinking of rebuilding the cathedral, it will be wonderful to see it rise again?

    Thank you for making me realise how fragile we all are.

    Still thinking of you all.


  7. Unbelievably........ Hugs Baukje

  8. Wow. Such a beautiful song. Very up close and personal. I just didn't realize how bad is was. Love to you and yours.

  9. SHAOCKING! So few of these places that I recognise now.
    I sit looking thinking 'Where is it?' 'Where is it?'
    We truly grieve and now grope forward for the new normal.
    At least we are in it together, this whanau lives.
    Thank you God.

  10. I enjoyed the video, it was very moving.


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