Thursday, April 21, 2011

In which I actually sew something (well straight lines!!)

 I really haven't felt like sewing much lately, 
but I had some lovely vintage sheet bee blocks to sew into a quilt. 
I had these two blocks that didn't quite fit
 so I made a European Pillowcase out of the last two.
I just sewed them with two 12.5 squares of floral sheet 
and hand quilted them with Pearl Cotton.
Just right for the wee girl to lean against on the sofa.
I love how it turned out.
You can't go wrong with a vintage sheet.
And it was a awesome group of ladies
that helped make these blocks.
I'm glad I'm going to have a matching quilt and pillow.
In fact it's going to look so great
I might have to do more of them.

By the way have you noticed
 the quilt that Annie is using?
I'm going to take some proper pictures sometime
but it's my current favourite!


  1. I have a love of vintage sheets. I see them every so often (in excellent) condition a thrift shops. You can tell they have been stuffed at the back of linen closets for 25 years and are in perfect condition. They are actually made in Canada or the USA. The cotton is unflawed. I love the colours too!

    I sure like your pillow and quilt. How perfectly lovely and unique. :-)

  2. They are wonderful and I love that quilt did you make it too?

  3. love it..i am yet to buy some vintage thinks it just doesnt exist wher i

  4. I haven't yet got into vintage sheets, but they look so gorgeous Deb! what delightful matvhing set, I can see why you love it so much..

  5. I love vintage sheets but they are so hard to come by !! !! !! (in colours I like)
    Your wee poppet looks so sweet propped up like that surrounded in love xxx


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