Saturday, April 30, 2011

Plans and Prettys...

Have you seen this stuff yet?
It's Japanese Masking tape and
 it's just coming into New Zealand.
Borders has some.
It's great and so easy to use.  
I've just brought this book and am completely in love with it.
I actually plan to make every single project in the book.
Starting with this.
Because Of Course I need another project!

Bolt of Cloth are still operating on line
and are happy to send samples so that you can 
see before you buy.
Suzanna who runs Bolt of Cloth
lost her beautiful home on 22 Feb.
Please do support our earthquake effected businesses,
and who doesn't need an excuse to buy fabric, right?
[Exciting news for Christchurch, 
the State of Emergency is finally lifting today.]

I think I might be mastering my fear of the zip.
Although the whole for turning ended up on the outside,
oops, it's still functioning as a pouch!!

Need more practice
but luckily there are 101 uses for a zipped bag I think.
(There's some amazing ones in Natural Patchwork.)


  1. the whole world has gone washi tape mad!!! must get some :-)
    the zippered pouch is cool (*love* that fabric!)

  2. I NEED yes NEED washi tape !! !! !!

    Fabric On Line and Blue Earth Soaps and Ear Candles By Louise are also operating online from Christchurch - I'm compiling a list which I hope to put on my blog as soon as I have more than 4

  3. I am very impressed. Do make sure you bring show and tell for Anne of Green Gables on Weds pm! x

  4. I love the decorative masking tape! Even Martha Stewart has gotten her finger in this pie...I picked up some really cute vintage girly tape today...and paid full price for it (that's how cute I thought it was).


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