Monday, April 18, 2011

This week...

It's school holidays and I've already done
a lot of tidying up!!

Tomorrow Annie-Rose is getting her
tonsils and adenoids removed.

For the rest of the week, 
(after we get out of hospital)
we are planning wall to wall Dora the Explorer
and lots of cuddles.

Maybe a spot of knitting
and a lot of tea drinking.

I'll be back in this space
later this week.
(random photos I found on my computer)


  1. Hope lil missy doenst feel too bad after.Had one daughter who had same thing when she was little.She all grown up with kids oldr than she was now yikes

  2. Good luck! My son had his out last year to correct scary sleep apnea, and the difference has been amazing. For the first week, nighttime was rough if he refused to take his pain medicine, but other than that it wasn't so bad.

  3. Big hugs to you and Annie Rose!

  4. Hope everything goes ok and Annie Rose is tucked up under a cosy blanket on the sofa enjoying Dora whilst sucking on an ice lolly! Enjoy the cuddles. x

  5. Hi Deb
    I've finally found time to sit down and blog.
    I've shared your story here
    Much love

  6. they are so cute together....i hope all goes well with Annie Rose's surgery


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