Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thursday Thrifty Finds....

Yesterday after spending all day working
while pretending to look after my children
(we are working our way through masses
of paperwork for our Fletchers/EQC contracts)

I popped out to drop of one boy
and pick up another.

and stopped at an opshop
and an opshop garage sale

and got some awesome treasures.

Including this wool jersey
from Scotland
and a set of napkin rings for the table.
There will be many more pictures of Annie in that kilt
it's just too too adorable.

A bit of opshopping
really does the heart good on a busy day!


  1. Love the kilt, very cute Miss Annie Rose! I used to love wearing kilts when I was little, especially if they were the proper twirly kilts rather than the small pleated girly kilted skirts.

  2. Love the kilt! The pink shoes too. :-)

  3. oh that kilt!!! we were recently at a pipes and drums tattoo and there was one little boy there decked out in his finest kilt and he absolutely stole the show


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