Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today I stopped to admire....

a dandelion

our old old apricot tree.
When mum and dad first brought this house in 1976
there was a row of espaliered fruit trees and this is the last
but sadly time has taken it's toll
and we need to pull it down this winter

a vintage quilt I'm about to refashion
into a brand new quilt!

pretty quilts on the quilt rack

autumn reds

I'm also loving the new camera
I down loaded on my iphone
so much fun to play with
and almost makes me forget the beautiful SLR camera
the children broke :(


  1. Lovely photos and the quilts on the rack reminded me that I have a quilt rack packed away upstairs so I am off to drag it out. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. that is such a bummer about the camera...but these pictures with your phone are coming out awesome. what a beautiful is sad that you are going to have to take it down. i can not wait to see the re-done vintage quilt


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