Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flea Market finds...

On Friday James and I had some errands to run
and they took us past the new Eco Store
(formerly the supershed) on Blenheim Road

I love these cups so much, they are delightful
to drink out of. Just right, not too little
or too much.

A wee red jug and sugar bowl for my neighbour 
who is collecting such ruby delights for her kitchen.
At $2 each, couldn't go wrong!

And I just can't resist cake tins.
I have no idea what these are for,
(any suggestions??)
but they just look cute.

Maybe one day I'll have a kitchen
where all these things can be displayed,
who knows!!
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  1. Jelly moulds ot just cute little mufins or cakes?

  2. lovely mugs, my favourite colour.

  3. Yeah, I'm loving thoses mugs too, nice find!

  4. you find some nice things in your op shops...seriously amazing finds...lucky

  5. loving your finds both blue and red
    I found some nice tins last week ::))

  6. I have the same exact pans and was told they are tartlet pans but I have never been sure.

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  8. Oh I do love the red jug and canister, they would be just perfect in my kitchen too!

  9. I love the mugs & the jugs! (Did you know that a jack russel crossed with a pug is called a "Jug"?!

  10. mhmmmmm... i love this kitchenware a lot!

  11. The trays are for little cakes but they are perfect for displaying buttons& the like. I love those little cups too.

  12. The little tins can be used for making your own soap molds.


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