Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just because today was cancelled, doesn't mean I can't make something!!

After seeing this post and then this one
I was inspired to finally make some new cushion covers.

Annie woke up poorly and Reuben was extremely tired
so we decided on a stay at home day.
I popped out to my store room and pulled a few simple fabrics.

Cut a few simple shapes and sewed them together.

They are still a work in progress
but this morning I sat while the children
and the neighbours played
I got a few stitches in.

Maybe in a day or two
I'll have a couple of Dottie Angel inspired
cushions on my sofa!


  1. oooh, can't wait to see them finished - they look lovely :)

    Thanks for sharing~~

  2. Ooh yours look lovely. Great minds think alike! My kids is sick today too, and I made cushions too, kiddie sized ones tho!
    Thanks for the heads up re the Tin Swap x

  3. i love dottie inspired. i'm finishing up my dottie blanket right. now .!!

  4. You make it sound so simple :)
    Love your choice of fabric and look forward to seeing them complete.

  5. these are going to be gorgeous


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