Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Shelves for the kitchen...

I picked these up at the Eco Store
(formerly the Supershed aka the dump!)
I'd seen them twice and didn't get them
but the third time decided they were for me!

don't worry
all the china is well stuck down
with blue tack
thanks aftershocks!

Not only does it make the kitchen look pretty
it looks so tidy with the windowsill clear
and it displays my special pieces so well.

You like??


  1. Looks great, Deb. Praying for no more aftershocks...E.V.E.R!!!

  2. love, it! and i LOVE all your vintage cookie jars/dishes. :)

  3. looks fabulous Deb, great thing blue tack!

  4. It looks gorgeous! I hope the blu tack never has to do it's thing though... x

  5. I DO like! Isn't it great when you can find things at Eco Stores!

  6. Looks perfect Deb! Wouldn't mind something similar for Gus' toys/smaller books!

  7. that looks so great. i love how pretty they look all together...i was wondering how they were staying with all the aftershocks! :o)

  8. The shelf looks darling! I love it. :)

    I finally finished the last block for the Vintage Sheet Freedom Bee!

  9. I LOVE and I love the house teapots??

  10. loveliness! and um, how about superglueing them down? x


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