Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sometimes life just gets too complicated...

you just need a resident two year old to hang out with.

Do puzzles

Watch tv wrapped in a blanket

and bake cookies.

Yes that kind of day will fix anything!


  1. I would like a resident two-year-old.

  2. *hugs*
    I understand in my own funny kinda way
    I've been having panic attacks and tears over my trip away tomorrow - all the excitement has now turned to dreaded fear -
    Wish I could bring my babies with me to make it all better

  3. Though I am no longer able to have a resident 2 year old, my sister is expecting and will be borrowing her often. I miss babies. And your baby is scrumptious!

  4. Gosh I love that girl's fashion sense. And to be able to sit like she does in the second photo. My old legs hurt just thinking about sitting like that.

    Chin up sweetie. Life is a roller coaster ride. Though at times my feels like its stuck on the downside.

    blessings, jilly

  5. i miss sweet little kiddlets too...i have big ones tho...they are gorgeous in their own specila way...thank goodness for

  6. oh goodness that picture of her on the counter is so so cute!!!

  7. She is so lovely, enjoy. Hugs Baukje


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