Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet loveliness!

Yesterday Miriam and her wee man
met Annie and I at Cupcake Collections.

Oh me! oh my!

It is just so beautiful.
Even the children got to drink their milk
out of china cups and saucers.
(I took loads of photos, I'll probably sneak them
into other posts!!)

It was just what the doctor ordered actually
and we had a lovely time.
Miriam and I LOVE to talk.

This was Annie's.

This was Will's!

This is one of their wall displays.
I love the shelf it's perfect.
Also the colour on the wall was amazing.
It is the hardest colour in the world to get right
(I know, we've got it wrong ourselves twice 
and we are decorators)
but they had it absolutely perfect.

Miriam had the peanut butter cupcake
and assured me it was as divine as recommended.

I had the white chocolate cupcake.
Yes that's white chocolate ganache on the top.

But best of all was having some stress-free
time with a good friend.
And Miriam is definitely one of those.

Oh I must tell you,I got my camera back...
but it's still broken :(
So back it goes to the repairer and the iphone is still on duty!!


  1. Ok so they need to open one of those up here in the middle of the north island, but on the other hand maybe not such a good idea, I would be there all the time and that would not be so good. I would have had the same as you, white choc, yum. Glad you got to have some fun with friends and relax for 5 mins

  2. The feeling was SO mutual! Thanks my lovely friend. xx

  3. good friends, good coffee... beautiful place, what a great mix!

  4. nothing like mates and cakes to make you feel good, and my goodness those cakes look amazing!

  5. I definately need to visit that place! The cupcakes look like they would just melt in your mouth, and that wall colour - need some inspiration for redecorating our house (EQC will only pay to do it once, so we have to get it right first time).

  6. Those cakes are divine! So jealous! :)


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