Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thifty finds...

I just can't resist a good tin
or good knitting needles.
I love coloured needles and always buy them if I see a pair.

A warm scarf for little Mr Robertson
He likes to keep his neck warm and lost
the nice new neck warmer I made him :(

Annie is right into puzzles at the moment
and for 50 c we can work on the fine motor skills!

A couple of board games
maybe for my wall.

I well remember playing this as a kid actually.
All the lovely virtues etc.
I wish life actually was a simple as that!

I'm sure life is not as brightly coloured now as it was
in the good old days of the 70s!!

I feel a quilt block coming on!!

An awesome little curtain, 
that will make a couple of nice pillow covers for
Reuben's bed.

A vintage dress,
that will be a summer skirt for me.

And a purple sheet
for Sarah at Stitch who is collecting
purple and green
if I remember rightly!!

Great pile of goodies really
all for $12.
Hurray for recycling!!


  1. AWESOME amount of recycled goodies there xxx

  2. Sarah says yipee! You are the no 1 op shopper.

  3. Yes, a good haul!Like you I love the old plastic needles. I have a bunch in a pot that I just fondle now and then......but I have made fabric flowers out of fulled woolly offcuts and used the coloured needles as the stems you know? I have some in a glass jar in the kitchen. They did sell quite well, but I got abit spiteful about using the nicer coloured needles! lol thats when you know your becoming obsessive right?
    Most charity shops here(UK) dont have knitting needles on show, many dont even sell them now. Offensive weapons arent they!
    Bizarre, when car boot sales generally have them on one or two stalls duhhh.
    But the old coloured needles are like rocking horse what not now, so you are lucky to find them these days.
    Great dress fabric, fab colour!

  4. i LOVE that tin! so pretty

  5. Mum's still got that snakes and laders board and my kids play it with Granda! The virtues they are familiar with form their catholic school. "This is a good time to practice our virtue of patience" say daughter (age 8) as we wait for the school trip bus to leave!!

  6. Thanks for your comment on my sewing roll. i am like you I love recycling, found it so hard to throw away things..... I often buy in the thrift stores. Saw the lovely pillows you made !


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