Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thrifty finds...

Opshopping in Christchurch has never been so good.
I think it's because so many people are leaving town
and dumping their belongs at the local oppy.

It's a dreary day here in Christchurch,
pouring with rain and miserable
so I thought I'd post pictures of some recent finds.

Contents of someone's work box.

I love to see well-used darning wools

The same sewing collection had this bag of Scout badges.
I think I might make an emergency bag
and sew them on.
Be prepared and all!

And last but not least this amazing eiderdown
for $2 from the Ecostore
in perfect condition!

Nothing to cheer you up more than pretty pictures
on a dreary day!!


  1. Wow! Awesome eiderdown!! JEALOUS.

  2. I heart the eiderdown too; and where is the ecostore, I never heard of it? x

  3. This may be crazy, but I am SO out of the loop when it comes to shopping in Christchurch.

    Is there annnyyyway you could flick me an email with the names of your favourite thrift stores and I can check them out??

    People are always finding amazing things, but i've only ever thrifted clothes - i would love to find other treasures! :) if you would be a dear??

  4. I'd be interested in where you thrift too, I never seem to find any of this sort of stuff in my area of Christchurch! Just clothes, clothes and more clothes.

    Great finds by the way!

  5. Some lovely treasures! Sad so many people are leaving but good for thrift shoppers and it is recycling at it's finest. Loving the eiderdown.

  6. What booty in the eiderdown.....well worth the trip out lol

  7. Yes me too. Love the hunt around op-shops but being relatively new to the city, I dont know where they all are.
    Tell all tell all.
    And thanks heaps for joining My following. :)

    Regards Phillipa

  8. Cool finds lady. I need a trip to the new super shed.... keen for a trip together?

  9. A real eiderdown, wow what a find!


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