Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good Intentions Tuesday...

Spurred on by the lovely Miriam
I've decided to join in with Good Intentions Tuesday
and tick some jobs off my list that have been hanging around too long!
I've got this little pile of cigarette tins
and I want to put activities for Reuben and Annie in them
for when we go out somewhere.

I have a pile of donations
that I want to get ready for Holly House.

I need to figure out a way to keep
my small laundry room tidy.
Maybe make some hanging bags?

Hand wash Annie's pile of woollen cardys

Make Annie her own pillow cover for snuggling with
(Reuben LOVES his, it's his favourite thing)

Pull down this red cardy I started for Annie
(is the technical term frogging? why??)

Make some cards for our card box.

Write a new menu to reflect the changes in
our family.

Make some quilt tops from all my bee blocks.
Want to do one for my mother-in-law's birthday.
She will be 89 this year.

Finish off making Annie's winter clothes.
That was interrupted by the last round of earthquakes.
She still needs clothes though.

The plan is to get at least one job ticked off our list each week.
If you want to join, pop over to Miriam's and leave a comment
on her post.
They don't have to be craft projects,
they can be any kind of good intentions you have!! 


  1. I think it's called frogging because you rip-it-rip-it-rip-it out. Good luck with all the jobs to do! The problem with a good intentions pile is that even when you've done lots it doesn't seem to get any smaller!

  2. Yay for us we are going to get some THINGS done!!!

  3. Hey Deb deliver the hand washing to your mother why doncha! :)

  4. So many good intentions...such little time...good need a week to write


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