Friday, July 1, 2011

A quick baby quilt

Reuben's teacher is leaving in a couple of weeks to have a baby.

I whipped up this simple little quilt for her. I used to make this style a lot, it's easy but effective.

Annie and Roo gave it a trial run this afternoon and it passed the test apparently.

They are so cute together these two!

I hope they will always be good mates.

As a bonus, Roo can't wait to go to school on Monday to give it to his teacher!!


  1. I love that you whipped it up :)
    I managed to finish a bee block and that my dear is the sum total of my crafting today ;'(
    Your kids are adorable - I too hope they will always be friends - I wish this for my babes also xxx

  2. Those photos are awesome. It is so cute to see them together.


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