Friday, August 26, 2011

A birthday quilt for John...

This week has been madly busy one way and other,
what with a sick girl, the day job
and getting ready to go away tomorrow
(just me by myself to Sydney!!).
Also my trusty sewing machine had a nervous breakdown
brought on by stress and overwork
and has gone to the Sewing Machine Spa
for some much needed rest.

Which meant that this quilt for John nearly didn't happen
but stashed away in odd places I found some time
to whip to Shenleigh's and sew it up
(I was sewing the binding down last night
while my hair was dyeing, how is that for multi-tasking!)
And this means this lovely quilt is ready in time
to give to David's brother John.
John's an insomniac so I'm hoping that he finds it restful
to sleep under, wherever that may be.

I'm absolutely stoked with how it's turned out,
the green and brown combination is so manly and yet so funky,
a happy accident I feel.

John is an awesome guy, a real man of integrity,
also funny and easy to get on with.
He is a good guy to know if you are in a tight spot,
he's a solutions man.

Happy Birthday John, and God bless!
I hope your family spoil you,
and may you have many more happy years to come.


  1. Love those colors! They look great together~ very pretty!

  2. I Love it - I'm always astounded at how quickly and beautifully you whip up these quilts! Also I received my Squares this week - lovely wrapping too. Thanks heaps and have a fab time in Sydney!

  3. LOVE this Deb it is really 'manly' LOVE it xxx
    Enjoy Sydney xxx

  4. What a gorgeous colour combo, very stylish! Have fun in Sydney!

  5. this quilt is amazing. i love how it is not perfectly centered....that is the best part!!!! i hope that you have a wonderful time in Sydney

  6. Its beautiful, i love the colors, the off centerness... that is perfect. Beautiful work! Have a safe trip!

  7. Your quilt is wonderful!! I love green and it works so good with brown. And the off center pattern is just perfect!


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