Monday, August 8, 2011

Dresden plate hand piecing....

It's something I have never done before,
I've done the paper-piecing thing (that's how I got started quilting)
but never just sewed those pieces together.

Until now!
I've worked out a super simple way
 to cut these dresden plate petals.

No template, no fancy rulers!!

Once I've sewed this baby down
I'll write a quick tutorial!!

Meanwhile go and find yourself a charm pack
or cut 16 5" squares. Yes! you know you want to......


  1. I have always wanted to give the Dresden Plate quilt a go but it looked like a lot of work - but a quick way to cut with no fancy rulers then count me in!

  2. Charm squares I've got! Can't wait for the tute. :)

  3. Dresden's are my all time fav block to make.I am making some in blues and yellow's....this will be along term project for me as I am English paper piecing.

  4. wow it looks gorgeous but I dont have the skill or the patience!

  5. i do want too!!! i can not wait to read your tutorial.....this looks fun. i love the fabrics you have in your dresden always have the best mix

  6. I have made one, though ages ago and with trad floral fabrics, but love the modern mix you have gathered there! Much more fun fabrics! yes please a tut would be brilliant!


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