Sunday, August 7, 2011

Introducing: The Rowan Tree + Giveaway

Before I tell you about the Rowan Tree,
this is the beautiful house we stayed in at Twizel.
It's new and fresh and lovely and for sale here!

Remember Twizel is where we went for our Quake-break!
It was just so awesome.
The mountain views were inspiring 
honestly, it made me feel better just to look at them.
(This is lake Tekapo actually which is just up the road)
The Rowan Tree is the shop of Shiree Johnson
and honestly (she's not paying me to say this!!)
it's one of the best quilting shops around.
She has an amazing range
and a fantastic eye for fabrics.
I have to confess quite a bit of fabric
jumped into Annie's stroller while I was there.
I wholeheartedly recommend calling by Shiree
if you are going to be anywhere near Twizel
ring/email first to check she's there,
or visit her website
or like her on facebook.

Now for the giveaway,
I have a Charm Pack of La Petite Ecole to giveaway,
to win like The Rowan Tree on Facebook
and come back and leave me a comment
and you will enter the draw!!


  1. lucky number 1....i liked and i love that cat in the hat fabric on the home those glorious is that mountain view...its good to get away and relax, away from everyday

  2. Amazing mountains!
    I like RT on FB. They have great stock for Dr Seuss, that's great! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely charm pack

  3. I liked The Rowan Tree on Facebook!!
    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  4. The view is so beautiful and I love the house too! I wonder what the inside looks like.

    I saw a beautiful pattern using Moda French General fabric awhile back and been wanting to try my hand at it, but the fabrics expensive as a college student. :p I liked The Rowan Tree on facebook for a chance to win! So many pretty fabrics on her site.


  5. So I've been thinking I should give this quilting thing a go... Lets face it there are enough quilters around me to give me a hand if I get myself into trouble!!!
    (I have just liked the Rowan Tree on FB)

  6. Have just liked the FB page, and am now going to each my lunch while I browse through the photos on there!
    My Mama does quilting, and I am slowly getting closer and closer to doing some myself. I love making other crafty bits too!

  7. I liked the Rowan tree on FB! Looks like an interesting place! Beautiful mountains in that pic! Thanks for the offer!

  8. I liked the Rowan Tree on Facebook, thanks for the giveaway!

    What beautiful mountain views, I love that part of New Zealand.

  9. Fabulous photos, I love the mountains & Lake Tekapo looks lovely. I knew some girls who played ice hockey there when they were young.

  10. Ooops and I liked the Rowan Tree on Facebook as well - I am off to look at their website now.................

  11. Liked The Rowan Tree on FB!
    Thanks for the chance :D

  12. I like them on facebook! Looks like they stock some very fun fabrics =)

  13. I love French General fabric. I Like The Rowan Tree on Facebook. Thanks!

  14. you fabulous gal - you're a gem!!!!.... and YOU didn't pay me to say that!

  15. I think you're both lovely and you don't need to pay me to say it. Must organise that retreat to Twizel soon!


  17. Hi Deb - I've been following your blog for a little while and am in awe of your creations! Such gorgeous things. The Rowan Tree looks fantastic! I've bookmarked them for when I ever get around to do some serious sewing! Oh and I have also liked them on FB! Enjoy the sunshine and promise of Spring!

  18. Hey Deb, I've been following your blog for ages - love reading what you and the fam have been up to!

    This would be great to win, esp. as we are moving house tomorrow and something new for the new house would be fab!

    D x

  19. What a sweet give a way. :0)
    Both fingers are crossed.

  20. I like The Rowan Tree on FB. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Yay, please enter me! Consider them liked :)

  22. have liked, looks like a gorgeous shop!!!

  23. Oh, I missed this, hope I am not too late!!!!!!


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