Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sometimes you just need to sew a bunch of squares together....

 After the earthquake it was hard to get back into sewing
although knitting was easy to do
(you can easily jump under the door frame
with the knitting needles lol)

Partly I think because there are piles of bricks everywhere
and partly because I needed some simple lines
but I made a few quilts with just squares or rectangles
in the months after the quake.

Just easy comfy quilts
that we can use and not worry about.
This one is only a few weeks old
but has been washed several times!
I love the bright colours
as we hope for spring to come quickly.

It also has the last remaining scrap of the bird fabric
that went into five or six quilts.

I hung this one outside the old Lane Walker Rudkin building,
the business was a victim of the recession
and the building of the quake.

An enormous recycling project is going on
in demolition sites all around Christchurch.
The piles of different building materials
is inspiring me to use different materials in my quilts.
Ideas are fermenting in my brain!
But in the meantime this is a great addition
to the quilt family in our house!!

It's far from perfect
but the colours make me smile.


  1. It's a beautiful quilt sewn with memories and love - :)
    I am in total admiration at how quickly you churn these quilts out.
    Meanwhile I have completed 12 of the 24 required dresdens .. .. ..

  2. It is a BEAUTIFUL quilt Deb! The colours are gorgeous and I love the simpleness of it, it is totally my kind of quilt! You are very very talented.

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  7. oops sorry my comment kept coming up over and over again!!

  8. Yes...the colours make me smile too...I wish I had the ability to sew squares together and make them look this good...oh..I'm with over winter..bring on

  9. You've made me think that I need to make a quilt just for me using squares from all of my favorite fabric. Thanks.

  10. I love simple quilts like this!


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