Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy slow day hexagons...

My sewing mojo seems to have up and gone
while the sewing machine is being repaired.
It's probably fixed now, but i haven't been to get it yet.

I was reminded by Kathy about my hexagons
so I dug out the bag of pieces and started sewing some together.
I've decided to hand piece them over the summer.
Sometimes you just need a slooooow project
and this and my dresden plate should cover that nicely
oh and the quilt I'm working on for Fiona my cousin!
Yes I'm hoping for a few slow finishes over the coming 
warmer months.

It's all from scraps, bright happy colours and I think it will turn out lovely.
They are the fake hexagons and easy peasy to do.
Now I just need some slow days!!


  1. I love hexagons... what are the fake hexagons? They sound interesting? Maybe I would love them even more...

  2. I lost my mojo for the past 2 months. It's finally back. I'll definitely need to investigate this fake hexagons. Nice fabrics. :o)


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