Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Howdy folks... no time no see!!

So the Mac is dead, very dead, unsaveable dead.
So if you have emailed me and you want an answer
please be gracious and email me again.

I'm sorry if you've commented on my blog lately,
I can't reply. Sigh.

The old family laptop is just not cutting the mustard
the internet will not work on it.
It's depressing technology when it doesn't work right
it's beyond me to fix it this time. Time to call in an expert.

I've got so many projects I've been quietly working on
that I want to show you,
oh and I have a delicious giveaway for later in the week.

In the meantime I've been busy with Miss Annie-Rose who was sick last week
and working away on my stack of UFO's.
They are really getting sorted and it makes me feel good.
My house is getting tidier too, inspired by this lady
and my washing is getting done every day, hurray!

Oh I wonder if anyone saved the pdfs from Bonnie Hunter's
Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt that they could share with me.
I had them saved on the Mac, and I've started the quilt
and I'd rather not have to wait till next year to buy the book!

What have you all been up to lately?


  1. oh no you poor thing! I live in fear of my computer crapping out-must back up must back up must do it...soon! Hope you get your quilt instructions and enjoy the downtime x

  2. oh no oh no - thank you for the reminder to back up xxx

  3. Darn computers! I took mine to the professionals and they said it would be at least $500 to fix I should buy a new one. I will never buy an expensive laptop as it seems they are a disposable item now!!! Checked out attic 24 and realise shes doing flylady, might give it a go, need some organisation here :-)

  4. goodness she is is so frustrating. i always feel like it should just work and when it doesn't i get all in a dither. i love that quilt she is lying this something you made recently?

  5. flylady changed my life!!! I followed her emails for about 6 years... quit about 2 years ago, just because i got too busy... but my house still stays neat because i made habits!!! I cant say enough about flylady!!!

  6. Hope your technology issues are resolved soon.

    Geez I love the photos in this post. So colourful. Such a gorgeous child. So many fine and enchanting details. So great Deb.

  7. Poor girl...but the pictures are lovely.


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