Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My little chef...

Miss Annie-Rose is really enjoying Playcentre
at the moment. We go three mornings a week
and I stay except on Fridays when I've just started leaving for an hour and a half
and do a few chores.
Playcentre is unique to New Zealand
and I can't speak highly enough of it.

I took a lump of bread dough on Tuesday
thinking we might make bread sticks.

but after a morning of poking and prodding
we had a few flat pieces of bread. 

I made a very soft dough so it didn't matter when some
extra flour was added!

I popped down to the local supermarket and brought
a jar of pasta sauce and some ready grated cheese.

And we spent the rest of the morning making pizza.
I should have put a wee bit of salt in the dough
I don't usually but because the pizzas were so plain
it would have helped a bit.

But they were delicious none the less.
Next week I'm going to precook some veges
and get the kiddies to cut them up
and make vege soup.

Extension of learning is so easy when you spend
a lot of time just being with your child!


  1. What fun! I would love to hear more about playcentre - it always sounds lovely!

  2. Hey there all Deb's followers Thursday 8th September is her birthday! 29 AGAIN!
    love you heaps
    Mum xx

  3. Happy Birthday Deb! Hope you have an absolutely fantastic day. God Bless for another year!


    P.S Annie looks adorable in these photos!

  4. Happy birthday Deb! Couldnt agree with you more re playcentre-it's wonderful x

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday from your most forgetful friend! I hope you had a super day and those pizzas doubled as pizza cakes!

    Love YOU xxx

  6. How lovely she is .... And I know I am too late but happy birthday .
    Hugs Baukje


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