Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dresden Plate Tutorial for Old Red Barn Co Flickr Quilt-along (Part 1)

 So you have your pile of neatly pressed fabric scraps (or charm squares). This is how you cut them. If you are using scraps cut a 4 x 5 inch rectangle first. Then cut on the diagonal as in the photo above, one inch in at the bottom. I'm finding this impossible to describe but I think the picture shows it. The top of the wedge measures four inches and the bottom two inches.

 So that's the tricky part over!! Now you can either machine or hand piece these. I've done both. My first one was hand pieced and now I'm machine piecing just so I have a quilt to show you at the end of this!!
 Fold over the four inch side of the wedge and sew a 1/4 inch seam. You can chain piece this for speed and you get through them in no time.
 Trim the corner and then turn right side out. I actually think it is best to finger press at this stage and press the points in after your have sewn the wedges together. You will see why when you start sewing. You just have to adjust your point to suit the side seam.
 It should like like this. I poked the point out with the end of my scissors just to make sure it was pointy enough.
 Then sew 16 of the wedges together to make your dresden. Yes it's that easy. Cut your background to 18" square. Of course you can make it bigger, but this way I got them out of some stray fat quarters I had around. I'm sure we all have those!!
 Pin securely down and hand or machine sew down. I'm hand sewing mine because I think nine will make a good sized quilt and that's not too much bother to sew down. Now don't worry about the centres, I have a magic trick to show you for those. By the time you have a Dresden or two done, I'll have written the next part with the centres!
 Isn't it beautiful?? I'm loving the scrappy look. I'm using all my special fabrics in this. Charm packs (they retail at $25 here in New Zealand) are very precious here but they are an awesome way to get a taste of a range that might not have come into the country to the local quilt shop.
Now I can't wait to make some more. But the breakfast dishes and the laundry is calling and a certain two year old would like a mummy cuddle. Please upload your pictures to the Old Red Barn Co Flickr Group, I'm so excited to see what you are all doing.


  1. Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this. I love it. I have always seen these and loved them but been way to intimidated to try. Might have to give it a go with some Holiday Charm packs I have laying around.

  2. I'll be hunting through my charms and scraps at the weekend :) Great Tute!

  3. I cannot wait to get started on mine! Gonna have to wait until after this weekend though . . . but then it's game on!

  4. Thanks for the update that the tute was available---going to try it.

    So you are essentially cutting 1" off on the left bottom and then 2" off on the right bottom of your 4x5 inch rectangle?

  5. Love it!!!!!!
    You are so clever xxxxx

  6. Great tutorial, thanks so much! I haven't got the time to join you at the moment but I will definitely make a least a cushion in the future!

  7. This is genius!! I an so impressed by your method, cannae wait to try it!

  8. This looks easy enough for even me to try! Thanks!

  9. Thank you so much for these instructions. I think I can give it a go. The pictures helped tons as I am a visual learner.

  10. This looks super do-able! I'm excited to get started. How are you attaching the dresden to the square of fabric?

  11. I'm soo doing this. Dena even gave me fabric to get started!
    Yur rotatary cutter is tooooo stinking cute, btw!


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