Thursday, October 13, 2011

Family Quilts - this one from old shirts....

Yesterday the sun was shining and it was WARM
in the afternoon I thought "flag the housework"
and headed outside with Annie to the sun.

It must be spring, there are more than 12 daisies in my lawn!
I love the colours of the spring leaves and new growth and
when I went to get a quilt I spotted this old one made from David's old shirts. 

So many memories tied up in this quilt,
David's 40th Birthday, his cousin Matthew who died
memories, good and bad, happy and sad
but somehow sewn up into the quilt, something that makes us smile.

I have decided although I love bright quilts,
my first love is for recycled shirts and grandma florals.
Somehow they seem to me to be so homely.

While Annie-Rose bathed her plastic ducks and read her books,
I worked on my Kelly scarf. It's super easy (pattern here)
and fun to do in this bamboo/wool mix.
And guess what? the house didn't get any messier while we were outside!

This quilt was made by cutting as many 2 inch strips
from the good bits of four old shirts.
I sewed them together and then trimmed them to 6" width.
Then I sewed 6" strips of white between the shirt pieces.
This is called Chinese Coins and is a fantastic way to use scraps or recycled fabric.


  1. LOVE that quilt it is so fresh :)

  2. I love your quilts! Oh, and the colours in your scarf project make my heart sing. So do daisies in the lawn. XXX

  3. Can't beat a lovely day in the sun!


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