Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Freedom Bee quilt for Reuben...

Last Sunday after I dropped Chrissy at work I took some quilt pictures.
This beautiful building is being demolished from the other side.
It was the orginal library.

This is such a beautiful quilt. My fellow members of the Freedom bee
went above and beyond for this quilt.
I never got to make their blocks, someone else made them for me
because of the earthquakes, but they made lovely lovely blocks for Reuben.

So much thought went into each and every block.
Lots of the blocks came with treats and notes for Reuben,
they were all so special to him.
When I got the fabric back I was bambozzled as to how I could pull all the blocks together,
and I went to Spotlight to find some fabric.

I found this amazing pirate fabric with all the colours from the blocks
that was so perfect for this quilt. I love how they have all been tied in together.

This is my absolute favourtie block. It's lovely.

I machine quilted around each block and did some hand quilting on each one as well.
Reuben loves the red stitching.

Buildings come down, hundreds are coming down in Christchurch
but really Christchurch is not about buildings,
it's about the people.
People are what holds a city together.

Just like the patches made with love, hold this quilt together.
Isn't it awesome? It was supposed to be for Christmas
but Reuben begs to be able to use it now!
He had a rough week last week so I've let him have it for now.
Thank you so much to the lovely ladies in the Freedom Bee.
These envelopes of love encouraged us so much over very difficult months.

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  1. It's great to hear how kind and considerate people have been. Your quilt has come up so well. It's great that Reuben loves it!


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