Friday, October 14, 2011

Le Race 2011

Bittersweet to see them line up in Eglin Street rather than the Square
but awesome to see nonetheless.
It feels like a real step towards normality to have an event as frivolous
as a cycle race!!

And despite the cold they were all keen to get off.

Heading down Colombo Street towards those hills
and the fog, rain and hail that awaits them!!

We waited at the hill top to give him a water bottle in the FREEZING cold
and then dashed down to Akaroa to wait (in the cold again)
to see him come in.

By some fluke I actually managed to get a picture of him coming in!
Time 3 hours 37 minutes (100km hill ride), very respectable considering its the start of the season.
Then we jumped in the car and drove home thawing him out as we drove!


  1. Congratulations David - our bopys were down on Colombo st near Malcolm ave cheering them all on. I thought it might be nicer in the cool that scrching hot but I guess not so much for the support team!

  2. Brrrrr cycling in hail doesn't sound pleasant! He finished with a very respectable time though for a tough sounding 100km race.

  3. Just a little normal means a great deal. Good show to the rider and his support team!


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