Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Look what I found in my sewing room (2)

 This beautiful quilt is from the Freedom bee that I was in a while ago, maybe two years ago?? can't remember. I love the freshness of the colours.

 It's actually hard to think about Christmas, it's been such a hard year. But somehow I think the message of Christmas will be more real in the long run... God with us!
I was with such a bunch of talented ladies for this one, the blocks are amazing.

I just sewed the blocks together and put this green print around the edge.
Christmas is in the beginning of summer here, so this is perfect.
These pictures were taken by the cordon (again)
looking into the centre of town.

The Crown Plaza is coming down
I always wanted to stay there and never will now!!
For those of you who know Christchurch
this corner is where the Metro Cafe used to be and Johnson's the Grocer.

Annie has been so sick all week
so I've been finishing the binding on my quilts while she lies on the sofa,
I have five quilts to photograph for the blog!

I wish Annie would get better honestly
I've been stuck at home for so long it seems.


  1. Wishing good health to Annie - and lots of love to you xxx
    Sickness seems to have been abundant this winter ;'(
    This quilt is simply amazing Deb I LOVE it - xxx
    Love to you from me

  2. gorgeous quilt my friend. get well little Annie lady xxxx

  3. I am so pleased you found this quilt and finished it. It looks great. So fresh and colourful! Good to see it.
    I do hope Annie gets well quickly and that you can have a break, too.

  4. Love the way the colours ZING on this quilt, its great!
    Hope Miss Annie feels better soon.

  5. it's gorgeous deb. Hope your wee one gets well soon. Strange looking at the city photos, I find I'm really missing/craving tall buildings x

  6. Loving the zing of this fresh and fabulous quilt, especially against the grey chain link fencing of the cordon. Well done! Just saw new pics of the city taken from the PWC building roof. Sigh. Its surreal. Have you seen the Container Love project on FB? More cool ways to make our recovering home look/feel a little better as it convalesces. Looking forward to Ballys reopening and the popup village in November. Just yesterday we 'reclaimed' Sumner with a first visit since Feb with fish and chips by the beach. Shocking devastation and some harrowing roads all around but Cosi Fan Tutti and lots of other great haunts all still trading and needing our support. Here's to a full recovery for Annie and Chch very soon x

  7. I would really love to see your gorgeous quilts photographed in the community gardens, hung on a tree maybe. Such a beautiful, uplifting space.

  8. Poor little Annie. I send her (and you!) get well wishes.


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