Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Everyday Quilt {pattern coming right up}

We are back from our week away camping by the beach
at Kaikoura. It's amazing there, amazing.

I've got lots of photos and lots of things to talk about
(great tip shop at Kaikoura, just saying)

But I thought I'd just pop in before I put away the disaster in the kitchen
and do 5 more loads of washing and show you these pictures
of a quilt I've been working on.

Some of you will remember that my Mac had a bath in hot coffee
and I hadn't backed it up (long story why)
and I lost all the patterns I was working on.

Anyway I've revived this pattern, thanks to my friend Alexis (no blog)
who is working on her first quilt.
I believe a first quilt should be simple simple simple
so that you can practice the processes needed
rather than worry too much about fancy piecing.

This quilt is made with 12 fat quarters and uses them as economically as I could make it.
Also I love the rectangle design which reminds me of some
architectural walls around here that I really like.

Also I believe your first quilt should be used and used and used
and washed and washed and washed
and simple is the best for that.
You want it to enjoy it every day.

This pattern will be available for purchase from
Kirsty at Sew Pretty in the next few weeks.

It would be a perfect Christmas present for a teenager with a stack of fat quarters
or just for anyone who wants to make a simple, practical quilt
that you can use every day.


  1. Love seeing the kids enjoy themselves - and helping in the process. Great setting to show off your quilt. It looks lovely. Good luck with your pattern.

  2. Great colours! Love all the fabrics
    x Jen

  3. That pattern looks great! Lucky you going to kaikora! I love it there!

  4. What a beautiful quilt! Love the summery colours.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the orange. I admire the more difficult piecing but in my heart I really love the simple blocks the best. Timeless! Yours is beautiful!

  6. Love the quilt, love the colours and love the sentiment that it is there to be used and can go to the beach. It looks gorgeous. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Are you going to share your "tip shop" finds?

  7. Hi Deb thanks for the hug!

    This is a lovely post, your quilts look awesome on the beach!!


  8. this quilt is gorgeous....i love that you really use your quilts. seeing them on the beach is so amazing

  9. Hi Deb... I would love to buy this pattern but I can't find it on Sew Pretty? Can you help me please? X

  10. Hi Deb! 3 years on from you writing this I'm just about to create my own version!! Thanks xxx


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