Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A quilt for Jen...

I finished this on Friday for Jen's 30th Birthday on Saturday.
Nevermind that I started it MONTHS ago,
somehow it always takes till the deadline to squeak in.

I had a jelly roll of Woodland and when I started it, someone thought it was a bit pink for Jen
so I added some more turquoise and some spots
and I really love how it looks now. 

It's made a really nice sized quilt with nicely balanced colour.
Shenleigh (bless her) quilted it for me
(two last minute quilts in one week)

We took these pictures by the now being demolished Lane Walker Rudkin building.
The recession took the business and the earthquake took the building.

That's another neighbour snuggling under a quilt.
There might be one or two more. Craig wants spacemen and spaceships,
anyone know of any fabrics out there?? or have some you want to swap with me??


  1. Beautiful quilt Deb, the colors are really wonderful. No spacemen or spaceships here, sorry.

  2. that is so beautiful!! i love the colors

  3. I have a spaceman fabric that I found on sale at Spotlight for $8/mtre. It's orange background with creamy lemon space ships, robots etc. I have some left if you can't find any and could take another look at Spotlight up here to see if they still have some. email me at: anniebee at ihug dot co dot nz

  4. fantastic Deb - and your quilter is so good to you ::)) I usually have to wait 4+ weeks for turnaround . . .
    no spaceships here but I do have firemen and aeroplanes

  5. How old is Craig? I have some Bot Camp by Michael Miller I can send your way? You can see pictures of the quilts I made with it on my blog in November/December 09 :) Let me know. Happy to post.


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