Friday, October 7, 2011

A simple but nice quilt for my bro-in-law.... (with instructions!)

Take one metre of main fabric and 1/2 metre of a complimentary fabric
and sew together.

Cut 5 2 1/2 in strips of black and sew to three sides of quilt.
(I didn't sew it to the bottom because it was already black)

Find a nice border fabric and cut 5 1/2 in strips and sew all around.

I put polar fleece on the back and Shenleigh quilted it
(but of course you could do it yourself unless like me
you left this project until THE LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE ahem)

Bind and admire!
Did I mention I finished 5 quilts this week?
Yes, prepare to be BOMBARDED with pictures.

I took Annie to the doctor
and it's just a heavy cold.
Did I mention how over I am being stuck at home
with the snot machine???


  1. I've had a headcold myself for 3 weeks... so I know how poor little Annie must be feeling. I have definitely been boosting Kleenex's sales! What a great way to use a feature fabric and quickly whip up a quilt. Can't believe you've managed to make 5 quilts! AMAZING! I was in Chch very briefly yesterday for work. We'd been to Ashburton and Timaru. Hope Annie gets better soon!!

  2. Great quilt! Perfect for a dude!

  3. GREAT Quilt
    Poor Annie - Poor You xxx
    Love n Hugs to you all

  4. oh the snot machine! I just leave the house with my snot machine because otherwise I might be home ALL winter! Love the quilt let the bombarding begin!!

    xxxx Love You xxxxxx

  5. Oh snot machines are not nice... All those snail trails. Yucko. Hope the girl feels better real soon.
    That quilt is fantastic. Great idea to use polar fleece. Nice and toasty.

  6. 5 Quilts!!
    Goodness me!? I suppose being at home with poor little annie gives you plenty of time to sew, so that could be the bright side if the snot machine!?

  7. Great colours in this quilt. Love the simplicity of the design. It works really well and looks great.
    Five quilts - that's a bit of a marathon. Great effort.
    Hope the snot stops soon!!

  8. Love, love, love the colours Deb. And. You are a MACHINE! xx


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