Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thrifty finds...

Our biggest thrifty find lately happened when David went to the auction
to buy a small economical car and came home with a caravan!
A 1981 22ft beauty in original condition.
Think browns and tones of brown!

So now I'm having fun picking up bits and pieces for the caravan
like these lovely hottie covers and some kitchen bits and bobs.
I'm particularly looking for yellows, it seems to go!

These two doilleys, one knitted and one crocheted are destined to be sewn onto
cushion covers for the said caravan, I'm thinking vintage sheet cushions.

I found this beautiful piece just waiting to be embroidered.
Do you think the black will come off or shall I embroider it dark??

Someone has added some colour, but that only makes it better I think.

I finally found something on my mental thrifting wishlist
(you don't have one?? really)
a wee weather station. It's cuteness itself.

The detail is amazing. This bird is actually 2/10 in an inch high.

Also found lately these incredible deer. Frightfully hard to photograph
because of their transparency (think ghost deer)
but lovely lovely lovely.

Also slightly weird in that they are chained together
but adorable non the less.

I'm still having huge computer/email problems
(I'm typing this on a work computer while pretending to work!!)
but hopefully that should be sorted soon.

More thrifty finds here.


  1. WOW I think you've found my childhood!
    I had one of those weather houses when I was a child and the glass deer chained together -
    Depending on your taste - Happy Loves Rosie has a very very fab vintage caravan on her blog - I LOVE it

  2. wow, what a wonderful project, I'm so excited for you! Also glad i'm not the only person who's husband comes home with crazy stuff! That weather station is the nicest I've ever seen, the detail is beautifully done x

  3. Oh love the weather house!! CUTE!!
    I would LOVE a vintage caravan to do up...sigh!!!
    Hope we'll see some blog posts about it :)

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  5. That cloth with the rabbit is suppose to be painted. We use to do those back in the late 70's. My mom had a whole tub of those paint tubes, always trying to get the paint to flow every time she worked on those paint projects.

  6. a caravan sounds like so much fun!!! i love all these finds

  7. I love it, went to buy a car and came home with a caravan! I have had one of those weather houses for years and it is 100% accurate at predicting the weather!

  8. If I remember rightly my grandmother had a set of deer like this, it kept us grandkiddies happy for hours


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