Monday, October 31, 2011

whoooooo twas a fun night.....

Halloween is not widely celebrated here in New Zealand
but in our street all the little children get dressed up 
and knock on our neighbours' doors getting little treats!

We decided to drag our bbq out to our front lawn and cook the kiddies some
sausages to counteract the effect of much sugar.

A bbq, a table, some sausages, bread, tomato sauce and drink
a few chairs and a few quilts on the ground,
some paper serviettes and some festive bunting...
it's a party!!

You can dress up as much or as little as you want to,
I had two pirates and cute little pirates they were!

Up and down the street they went collecting goodies.
The little ones were so excited.

Look aren't they adorable??
They could not believe their luck getting lollies!!

Everyone came and stayed and chatted and ate all the sausages
and drank all the drink! it was a beautiful night and lovely to hang out with our neighbours
and meet some new ones!

Even the big boys had some fun.

I know there is a lot of discussion about whether Halloween is good or bad but
I firmly believe if Jesus lived now He would drag out his BBQ and feed the little children
I do not believe He would shut himself in his house and say "GO AWAY"
and ask any of our neighbours,
we had a great party out on our front lawn, that's what community is all about!


  1. I agree! Plus it serves a purpose, the little children learn to look to older people for good things and not to be as afraid. (Or at least that's what my 'Growing up in America" prof said. and it does make sense-well to me!)

  2. such a fun time...wish i was trick or treating in your neighborhood....ours is covered in snow. i absolutely agree that Jesus would feed the children....i think for mine it is just about candy and dress up...they don't read any more into it than that.

  3. I so agree...I think He would feed everyone too! Nice compromise for the children!

  4. What a wonderful way to bring the neighborhood together!!!! You all look like your having a ball!

  5. How fabulous does this all look! So glad you all had fun.

  6. I love your last paragraph. My kids father is a Christian and does not believe in Halloween. I think it is a fine holiday, I just hate it! (You will have to read my blog.) Since my kids were small the religious folk have been telling me how evil Halloween is and I have never had a good comeback as to why I think it is OK (even though I hate it). You are right, Jesus would haul out the BBQ and invite all the children and rejoice with them. Thanks for sharing that thought. I now have a comeback.

  7. This is such good fun. It's great to have the neighbours together, and wasn't the weather just perfect. Great idea!

  8. LOVE your outlook on Halloween - Jesus pulling out the BBQ
    I just have problems celebrating an Autumn festival in Spring ::))
    We do a street BBQ for guy fawkes - this weekend - woot woot woot
    Lovely photos

  9. You're so cool! Wish you lived on my street!!!


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