Monday, November 28, 2011

And then there were nine....

The gap between the girl's beds is not big enough for two bedside tables
or a bookshelf. We've put a quilt rack there, but needed something more.
Of course *whacks head, we need a tea trolley.
(Annie's artwork is under her bed so it doesn't fall on her in an earthquake
and yes, that is a lipstick hiding there, must retrieve that)

Just the right height for a little girl to play at.
She was so happy to see all her treasures within reach.

I love little dimpled hands.

The baby toys still get played with regularly
and they look good on display I think.

Also love cute little baby feet.

Annie's bed in the background has three, yes three quilts on it.

Ah, this makes me smile.
No there is no colour scheme or theme in here,
just fun stuff that Annie-Rose loves.

Now I wonder if I could fit in just one more tea trolley???
I think one in the corner of the lounge would be great.
Something a little different....
10 sounds like a good number!!!!


  1. Love your tea trolley Deb!! And LOVE LOVE LOVE all those quilts on her bed... totally gorgeous!


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