Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bloggers are so awesome....

Last friday night I went to Miriam's to meet with some other bloggers
and have some Christmas treats and share some Christmas gifts.

The lovely Max put together my parcel,
it was amazing. First this awesome tin.

Look at it, it's old and battered. 
I wonder who brought it new and shiny, I wonder where they lived
and what kind of Christmas they had.

I love it!

Then there was bunting.
Beautiful tiny white bunting, a long long piece.
It took my breathe away with it's beauty!

Max embroidered a red snowflake on each piece.
It's amazing. It's beautiful.
Did I mention I love it??

Love love love!
Thanks so much Max, I'll always treasure this!

And last but not least,
oh actually there was chocolate but I ate it!! yum
There is this nativity scene.

In all their 1970's beauty and colour.

Lots of intricate detail printed on card. 
Don't those beads look like they stuck on??
Nope, printed on... so clever!

Colour and details. It's amazing.
Max knew me too well!!! I was so blessed with my package.

Thanks so much Miriam and Juliet for organising this.
If you are a Christchurch blogger and feel like you are missing out,
Miriam is compiling a list, contact her
and she is awesome at organising events!!


  1. I must admit that Max did an AMAZING job with your present! ALMOST as good as the pressie that I received ;-)
    Such a great bunch of bloggers to put so much time, effort and thought into coming up with perfect presents! We'll have to do it again one of these days...

  2. How wonderful! Everything is beautiful. :-)

  3. so pleased you like it, was a fun night x

  4. What an amazing parcel you have received. Love the gorgeous tin!!!


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