Saturday, November 12, 2011

Caravan loveliness....

We went back to the caravan this weekend
(it was a long weekend in Christchurch)
plenty of time for rest and recreation

Even the daddy will sleep with a crochet blanket 
(lucky he doesn't read this, will kill me if he knew I took this picture)

We ate our body weight in sausages. You just can't eat too many right?

We did some reading and I did some stitching

Doesn't it look cosy?? it was even though the weather was freezing!

I sewed this fabric into this frame.

Do you like my shelves?? This really sold my caravan to me!

I counted 15 tins in the caravan.
What can I say? they are so useful for everything from hair ties to gingernuts
games, toy animals, serviettes... you name it!!

A couple of mug candles (and some more tins - sewing ones this time)

I worked a bit on my slow knitting project, a cardy for Annie in maybe 2013
I am that slow. Lucky I have the wonderful Liz to knit things for Annie for me before
she grows out of them!!

This is the view from my bed/sofa. 
So majestic in the rain watching the waves crash on the shore.

I picked some beach flowers for my vase.
Memo to self: don't pick those grass seed heads unless you want the family to have
sneezes and the baby to wake many times in the night, oops.

Rediscovered my 'secret' stash of ginger.
So yummy to snack on while you stitch.

Put the kettle on, it's time for [another] cup of tea!!

I whipped up this hat for Annie from a slipper that I partially frogged because I couldn't find her hat,
it has a pointy, toe like top (lol) but plenty of room for the pigtails!!

I also finished a quilt, but I'll post pictures of that tomorrow.
Actually I have 100s more pictures (as you do)
Kaikoura is so so beautiful,
I'll try not to post all of them :)


  1. I have a major case of caravan envy!! What a lovely little space you guys have there. I dream of buying a little caravan one day.

  2. I second that caravan envy!! Looks like you made some fabulous memories this weekend! And I'm sure many more will be made in this very spot over the summer!!

    :) Hazel

  3. This is beautiful... I envy you your little corner of paradise! Of course you should take zillions of photos. And thank you for sharing. It's lovely to read your post and escape with you for a bit!

  4. Your caravan is simply gorgeous xxx

  5. That caravan looks heavenly-and I love the feet shot!

  6. Oh your caravan is looking fabulous! love all your tins, the crochet blanket, oh and those mug candles!! what a fantastic place to unwind!

  7. wonderful photos!! everything looks so cozy, and i love all of the quilts and vintage treasures. so glad you had such a great time! :)

  8. Your carevan looks a dream!! 15 tins? Og course they will come in handy! ;)

  9. Stunning photos Deb, beautiful, beautiful Annie-Rose!

  10. Thanks for sharing all the caravan pics - I grew up in the UK and we used to holiday at the seaside in a caravan and I even lived in one for a while when my parents were doing building work. Your post has brought back some lovely memories :-)

  11. What a perfect little caravan. I love small spaces because everyone can be close and talk. And no, one can never eat too many sausages. The same goes for bacon.


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