Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dear Sharyn....

We've sorted all the summery clothes (and brought a few more)
and folded them neatly and packed the suitcases.
We've had a coffee and cake
and enjoyed hanging out together

We tried to explain to Miss Annie-Rose that Chrissy was going away
and she couldn't come too. And that she would be back after Christmas.

We've made the bed now that we've found it.

And tidied up all her stuff. Put out a couple of loads of washing
and a few bags of rubbish. A pile of dishes in the kitchen sink.

The girls are having a wee nap together, packing up is exhausting work.
But Chrissy's heart is already here with you,
she's making plans and dreaming dreams....

And before you know it she will be in Sydney.
I know you will look after my girl for me.

I hope you two have so much fun together.

Lots of love and I-wish-I-could-come-too
deb xxxxx


  1. I am so excited!!!!! I have only two wishes: that (a) you were coming too and (b) I didn't always succumb to that terrible urge to pull strange faces when people are taking photographs of me...

  2. Good luck Chrissy. Enjoy Sydney! I love it!


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