Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Leaver Dinner....

Yesterday afternoon Reuben and I spruced up the living rooms with flowers

and pretty china and table clothes,

and yummy eats.

We lit candles and put up bunting

and then we went down the road to one of the neighbours,
and a few of Chrissy's friends came for dinner.

Yesterday was the last day of exams for Chrissy
and therefore the last day of school.
Today we are going into sign her out and she's officially a grown up.

Chrissy really is a grown up.
Not every 18 year old is, but she has matured so much this year
we are proud of her. She's making good and courageous decisions.
(Still can't keep her room tidy to save her life,
but neither can Aunty Sharyn, so oh well, can't have everything!!)

They had fun with the kittens and ate yummy food
and just enjoyed hanging out.

I'm sure they put the problems of the world to rights

and reminisced about past hijinks (now they are so grown up)

They are such lovely girls
and I pray that as they step foot into their futures,
that they make good choices, remember their values
and have a lot of fun.

Knowing these girls since they were teeny tiny chicks,
I'm pretty sure they will do just that.

Love you Kirsten, Jess, Courty, Emily and Chrissy.


  1. I was in the same netball team as jess at some point! haha, looks like a lovely dinner treat,

  2. I love to hear stories of kids that have grown up well and thriving. Way to go, Mom!


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