Sunday, November 27, 2011

An old favourite quilt is hanging on my clothesline today...

My first scrap quilt. It's not perfect but it's been loved.
It's been in the washing machine (and the dryer) many many times.

It's a Leanne Beardsley pattern, I've actually done it twice,
and I may do it again.

The sentiments it carries still ring true.

Even though its wonky and worn and badly quilted
it hasn't stopped the family from using it over and over again.

Even the pets!

These days it is used more as a picnic rug
although it's had many days of snuggling under on the sofa.

And I'm thinking it still has a lot of years in it.

Isn't that what quilt making is all about??


  1. it's darling xxx
    I love the last photo

  2. Now thats what I call a quilt! Loved and full of love. Thats one groovy picnic happening there!

  3. Love a well used quilt. It means all your hard work was appreciared. Cherrie

  4. I love that your quilts are made to be loved and used and they aren't 'precious' even though they are really, really, precious. And you know your house is always just fine for me to visit!


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