Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pin Real Life

I've recently become re-acquainted with Pinterest on my new mac (thanks Insurance)
and finally mastered it so now I can *pin real life...

I saw this lemon rissotto and thought I could try that!
And made this. 
To be sure I didn't have Sage or Celery or Rosemary or Shallots
and used Basil, Red Onion and Red Pepper instead,

but oh my it was delicious, so so so delicious.
I'm hoping to snaffle the left-overs for myself tonight.


  1. That does look lovely. How is your daughter enjoying her time in Australia?
    Anne xx

  2. It looks delicious. I am not on Pinterest takes too much time!!!!!! and I want to quilt!!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing *Pin Real Life. I hadn't heard of it. It's a great idea!

  4. my goodness Pinterest is addictive...i love it.

  5. Thanks so much for this! And this Lemon Risotto is really one of our family's favorite - and especially delicious as a main course in the summer accompanied by a cool green salad. Thanks!


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