Monday, November 21, 2011

Seven uses for a tea trolley...

In the last few months I've been hunting down tea trolleys.
It started with this post, I was inspired and thought I would find a trolley to "do"
Well I brought one and then another, I kept finding uses for them.
I still haven't done one over, but I'm loving how tidy they make corners of our home.

This chrome and glass one ($6) fits in the bathroom
holding 101 things that used to sit on the side of the basin,
the windowsill and in baskets on the floor.
Yes it takes floor space, but the rest of the room looks way way tidier.

This one sits in my tiny spare room/sewing room and holds all the bits and bobs that used
to clog up my sewing space. Neat and tidy, it makes me smile when I see it.
This was my most expensive trolley, but also the nicest ($30)
This one is a good shape for a "do", but somehow I just like the vintage look!

This one is in Reuben's room holding his lego and treasures.
It fits perfectly in but he can move it around if he wants to (he does)
It's the roughest of them all, but one day I might repaint it.

This one sits in the kitchen and for months and months held our clean drinking water.
We are drinking tap water again (hurray) so it's perfect for lunch baskets,
drink bottles and the fruit basket.

This one is in the sitting room and holds tins of kiddie games
and the doll house. It's a perfect height for little people to play at.

This one is actually very ugly. I don't know what it would be meant for.
But it fits (just) in my laundry and holds the chicken food,
the toilet paper, the iron and such like that used to clutter up the laundry bench.

This one I call my $10 office and squeezes in by the dining table
and holds my day-job stuff. Also the camera gear, the mac
and all the bits of paper that used to sit on the dining table.
Oh and this one I nearly forgot, also squeezes in the sitting room
in a corner no one used and holds mostly my embroidery stuff.

Our house is not big at all, but these trolleys
help to steal some extra space and organise some of the stuff
that a family of six uses all the time!

Who would have thought I would end up with so many??
David would roll his eyes and sigh if he read this
but hey I'm the one who does 99% of the tidying around here
and if it works, it works, right?


  1. You seriously have a knack for finding the cool stuff! Talent!

  2. I love tea trolleys and you have a wonderful collection that are made very good use of. My mum has one that holds some of her card making supplies. It's just perfect for her.
    Anne xx

  3. Look at you with another collection. Like you say though pratical use! Roo's one is ripe for a funky makeover I think - you could always do it if you run out of things for him for Christmas (in all your spare time of course!!!!)

  4. If I could get a trolley with go go gadget legs too tall for the toddler to raid I'd have one in every room too. Seriously thinking bout one for the dolly house now though, excellent idea thanks!

  5. ...and with this post I am now on the look out for a tea trolley.

  6. what a great way to use something fun and save space and clean clutter all at once. brilliant


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