Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Tea towel Picnic Rug is finished....

Just before we left while I should have been packing the car,
I quickly sewed on the binding so I could sew it down and finish it off.
I'm so happy with how this turned out.
It was super simple, but really restful to make.

We've already used it several times,
sorry no artistic "bloggy" styling here, just a forlorn pack of chips and a dirty gumboot!!
It makes me happy and it makes me want to go on picnics,
I think it's time to drag out an old basket and stock it with a few plastic cups,
and some sunscreen and a packet of superwine biscuits.
A few pairs of spare knickers and a water bottle.

A grab-and-go basket for the summer by the front door.
Well back door in our house, we don't have a front door weirdly.
I'm hoping our picnic rug will get lots of dirty marks and be washed often in the washing machine,
I hope we spend lots of time sitting on it eating snacks
or lying on it reading books.

I hand stitched it through all over, randomly with no measuring or line drawing.
but somehow it all works out I think.

I backed it with a treasured piece of fabric from Ikea in Sydney 
to remind me of my sister Sharyn and the lovely time I had there.

I love the New Zealand Flag tea towel so much,
even though my friend's mum said it didn't go.
does it matter if you love it?? no I didn't think so.

The Kaikoura coastline is amazing.
This picture is for Sharyn. Miss you sis xxxx
I have to add this is not my original idea,
I saw one being given away by the Frankie Magazine
and desperately wanted one. 

So I made one!


  1. Such a beautiful picnic blanket! I love the idea and I love the backing fabric!! And the scenery is beautiful!

  2. What a lovely idea! I love the towels you picked =)

  3. Wow - it's beautiful - I love it. I bet it will be cherished by your family for a very long time :-)

  4. oh my goodness I actually LOVE that!!! so awesome

  5. Hey, thats a geat idea! Think even I could manage one of those! What great scenery in your photos too. We have had grey skies for a week here... so depressing. My little one (well he's 22)will be vsiting New Zealand around March next year. Wish I could come too!!

  6. Its a fantastic rug and I have heaps so maybe I need to do one too

  7. I love this idea! There are so many great tea towels out there and this is a super way to show them off and be very utilitarian.

  8. Oh Deb I absolutely ADORE this. It's fantas-magi-fabulous! I'm not kidding. Totally lovely. --g.

  9. Sigh. Miss you too. ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog at the moment.

  10. Love it, love it, love it. Watching out for tea towels now!!!! Can you bring it on Friday night for show and tell???? PLease?

  11. I've been wanting to make one as well since seeing it in Frankie as well. Really must get off my be-hind and do it as this looks amazing!

  12. Ace! Did you hand quilt it?
    I hope it gets used lots too.

  13. it turned out fabulous ! I really liked the photo of it at the beach ! what a great way of reusing the tea towels :o)


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