Wednesday, November 16, 2011

there's a reason my blog is called "Works in Progress"

Because there is always plenty of those on the go.
Last night spurred on by the fact Shenleigh is not taking any more quilts after next week
I finally sewed together the blocks for Jo and Tahu's wedding present.

Yes this is my work space and yes that is piles of stuff waiting to be done!!

See my design wall? No? me neither.
This room is tiny. I put the stack of quilt blocks on the quilt rack,
weirdly this photo makes the quilt rack look enormous, it's not!
and then I can sit at the sewing machine and take them off the pile as I need them.

I've finally used my precious precious blocks from the first quilting bee 
I participated in, which I've just forgotten the name for
and 12.5" blocks of 2.5" scraps like I used in the Epic.

I hung them on the door once the strip was sewn.
They are random, very random, but I love them.

Oh yes and I'm trying to secretly sew my Doctor Suess fabric for a quilt for David
I think he will love snuggling under it with his babies and reading them stories.

The thing about scrap blocks is that you end up with millions of threads to take off after.

Even the back looks pretty!
Seeing as it's a work in progress I might take a picture of it somewhere before it gets quilted.
Hopefully today I'll get Doctor Suess done.
And then I wonder if I can squeeze in the quilt for James' birthday.
I'm thinking the quilts for Liz and Sharyn are going to be New Year Presents,
sorry girls. The year has run out on me.

I've still got that pile of clothes to fix for Annie,
Sort out Chrissy's clothes for Sydney
Make a thousand miles of bunting for Jo's wedding.....

too many projects, too little time

anyone else feeling like that???


  1. sure am Deb, it is that time of year huh, sew much to do... but I love it!!(most of the time)
    p.s. see some familiar fabrics there...

  2. I can so relate to the small workspace!! Ugh

  3. It is great to see so much going on. Lovely fabrics and gorgeous quilt tops. It's amazing what can be achieved in a small space!

  4. I always feel like that ... no matter what time of year it is!


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