Monday, November 28, 2011

Thrifty finds this week....

I don't know why but these little dogs keep finding me.
Everyone else seems to find beautiful deer,
but me I find dogs with longing eyes.

Maybe I'll show you them all sometime when I have nothing else to say, lol.

A little bird. So cute. Makes me think of Sharyn and Simona.
Simona is delivering babies in Nepal. What a gal.

These are actually tiny little glasses, not shot glasses, bigger than that,
but perfect for little people to drink out of.
Some how two little drinks is much more attractive than one large one!

A lovely plaque. I have a couple of tea pots in this vein,
one year a Christmas miracle occurred and my mum gave me thrifted presents,
it was the best Christmas ever and one was a teapot shaped like a house.

A beautiful agee jar. I've been coping my sister Sharyn
and putting foraged flowers in jars on my table.

Three vintage games.
Reuben and I will see if we can work them out.
I think part of the moonshot is missing. Oh well, it's always worth a try.

And as always a few tins. Gradually I'm beating some order into this house.
It's working though, I can whip round and tidy it up in no time now.
I could even have someone over.

Not all the time though, the other day my dad popped over
and the place was a wreck. I think he hoped for dinner, it was not forthcoming.
Sigh. Some days are just like that. (keeping it real here)

Still I can gradually stuff the contents of our live into tins
and it looks tidy. I don't recommend this method for the contents of your heart though,
these are best sorted out with your Maker and properly laid in order.
I'm working on that one too.

A couple of tea towels, a couple of dishes for candles to sit in,
a vintage sheet that looks like one mum had,
a suitcase, another wee dog and a curious george monkey.

It's a good thrifty lot.
I know its Tuesday, but I think I'll link up here.


  1. perhaps the longing dogs are hinting you need a puppy?! could blame household disarray on a pup!
    nice sheet and great tinnage there! x

  2. WOW, what a haul. I'm sure you will have fun finding places to story your new purchases!
    Anne xx


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