Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Works in progress...

Yesterday Annie woke me early and I couldn't get back to sleep
so I tidied the sewing room/spare room.
What a mess. I could not believe how many UFOs were lurking there
and I could not believe how many need to be done before Christmas, oooops!

This is the quilt for my sister Jo's wedding present!

This is a dress that a friend asked me to fix last autumn, oops,
completely forgot that was there.

This is Aunty Jean's nighty that needs shortening, oops!

This is a quilt that needs binding so I can finish the pattern.

This is a couple of t shirts I brought for Annie that need shorts to go with them,
and they will be her summer pjs.

And this is three of Annie's dresses that I'm going to remodel into skirts
 and get another season out of them.

This is only some of what I found.
It was unreal :( Just when I thought I was getting on top of things.
Anyway I'm going to have to work/finish something every day.

Watch this space for lots of productivity.
Now excuse me while I sew the last side on a quilt
and hem a nightgown.


  1. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that finds UFO things that have been sitting for months that you forgot about!

  2. It can be a nuisance when mend gets in the way of sewing! Quick, get it done, then you can go back to the real stitching!

  3. Cheering for you. With you on the UFOs. Too many need done before Christmas!!!

  4. ha ha you're awesome. I once found a skirt I was re-working for a friend and by the time I re-discovered it we weren't even in contact anymore - ooops!

  5. I completely forgot we had given the dress to you too! haha. i recently chucked all my ufo's in a box - out of sight, out of mind. good luck getting everything done.


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